eFile is a workflow based system that includes the features of existing manual handling of files with addition of more
efficient electronic system. This system involves all stages, including the Diarisation of inward receipts, creation of
files, movement of receipts and files and finally, the archival of records. With this system, the movement of receipts
and files becomes seamless and there is more transparency in the system since each and every action taken on a file
is recorded electronically. This simplifies decision making, as all the required information is available at a single point.
It envisions a paperless office, with increased transparency, efficiency and accountability of the organization.
A revolutionary product aimed to make office work like never before in the history of Indian Governance, is based on
the Thirteenth edition of Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedures (CSMoP) of the Department of
Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances (DARPG), Govt. of India